What We Believe

Eastern Oregon Mission
Vision Statement:

We envision a community where every individual has access to basic needs and life skills to be a productive member of the community.

Mission Statement:
Strengthen our community by providing opportunities to acquire the basic building blocks of life

Value Statement:
Our actions will reflect the love and gospel of Jesus Christ
We will serve people equally, fairly and with respect
We will conduct our business with honesty and openness
We will be good stewards of our resources

Agape House–Mission Statement:
Assisting those in need in Hermiston and surrounding communities with basic services.


Martha‚Äôs House–Mission Statement:
Assisting homeless families to obtain a stable home environment by providing safe housing, educational opportunities, and loving support.


Our Hours

9AM – Noon, 1PM – 3PM
(not including holidays)

Agape House is an equal opportunity provider/employer.